Groklaw The Law through the eyes of Pamela Jones
The Matchbox Project
Tim Moors' Networking conference dates
TV Episode Guides SWEET site
For those fans of StarGate SWEET site
Jabref The BibTex bibliographic library manager of champions
Nokia 6600 Information Page
Myofascial pain treatment
Myofascial pain treatment
Connected Information Systems Pty Ltd
A quick ten minute guide to patch

Network Simulators

ns - Steep learning curve if you want to do groovy stuff in c++.
opnet - Technical support for opnet SUCKS! even when you pay for it.
Omnet++ - [I've not yet used this s/w]
cnet - IMHO The BEST teaching environment for computer network simulation that i've found.

Downloads / Funky / Good tools


MikTex - LaTeX Compiler for Win32 environments. There is also a CTAN mirror off
TeXniC Center / Download - A Nice TeX editor with many features i've yet to use :)
JabRef / Download The Jabref BiBTex editor
Excel2Latex V2.0 An excellent utility I found 5 minutes ago that I HAD to link to. It converts a range of excel cells to a LaTeX table! Local download
VLC plugins Good doco on how to use the VLC plugin for mozilla and ie.

Martial Arts (/.net)- great for a casual read!
Doce Pares Australia offers Martial Art training for a variety of weapons.
Doce Pares Australia offers Martial Art training for a variety of weapons.


An incredably helpful site for coming to terms with digital single lens (DSLR) photography.
Canon EOS flash information.
Digital photography review page.
E-Retailer for camera stuff.
Wedding photography 101Information on what people should know when photographing a wedding.
Apature / Depth of field information..
Canon basic principles of digital SLR photography.
Photo gallery of the venerable Beleobus.
Photo gallery of the venerable Kevin.

The open source project Gallery.

Other Stuff

Elsevier Journal LaTeX class files and document preparation information.
The comprehensive LaTeX archive site.
Static ICE
Gentoo / Internode mirror settings
Vermont sports therapy & Natural Health Clinic
Cat5E crimping guide, I'm hoping this never dissappears.

Stupid links